Girls are up!


Surfing in Senegal is practiced by more than the 90% by boys, who got closer to this sport by going to fishing, which is strictly a male activity.

Aita is the first Senegalese girl to take part in the National surfing Championship, whose main actresses are European or Lebanese, and she is the current surf champion. She is also represented in several media outlets.

The society is mostly Muslim with the prohibition of expose certain parts of the female body.

For that reason we try to find wetsuits or beach outfits that adapt to any body and culture, as it’s very important for the girls to avoid any prejudice.

The image of the girl who surf is often confuses with that of the girl-like-a-boy, and consequently poorly accepted by the girls.

The girls have found solutions to not spoil their femininity once in the water, they surf with long braids and bring beauty products with them in their bag.

The girls have the federal license to play in the national surfing championship organized by the Senegal Surfing Federation; there are 4 competitions per year to claim the Senegal champion!