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    THE PROJECT WANTS TO BE LIKE A CIRCLE WHERE THE FIRST BENEFICIARIES REINVEST THEIRSELVES IN THE PROJECT FOR THE NEXT GENERATIONS The vision of Marta, creator of the project, is to succeed in training a local woman, passionate about surfing, who can replace her in the supervision of the project thanks to the strong sense of responsibility towards others.The structure is there, the equipment and the know-how. The mission is to make the larger beneficiaries understand to reinvest in the project once found their way. For some, this is already the case, as they work at the beach or go to the beach every day.So that the project can become…

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    THE PROJECT OPENS NEW CONNECTIONS AMONG THE YOUNG SURFERS AND INCREASE THE SENSE OF BELONGING TO THEIR COMMUNITY The Surfkids-shredding-senegal project was an idea born in 2019, when Aziz, a member of the Senegalese Surf Federation, realized how many talented children were surfing without the support of a surf club capable of providing them with good surfing equipment. Aziz and Marta, founders of the Malika Surf Camp, discussed the possibility that the Malika Surf Camp can support 5 children with coaching, surfing materials and school education.By sharing time with these children, Marta and Aziz realized the lack of education and motivation to go to school; as often the children spend…

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    Context, issues, culture

    Despite its geographical position, which exposes Senegal to the waves of the north and south, and the conformity of its coasts, which allow a variety and an exceptional quality of waves, the surf is very little followed and sustained. The lack of funding for niche sports such as surfing is topical in Senegal, as well as the difficulty for practitioners to be able to find the equipment (board, combination, accessories) on site and at affordable prices. Having your own board and a winter wetsuits without holes is a real privilege for local surfers. Every winter, lots of children and youth ask for a wetsuits. They are even ready to wear…

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    DK 2026

    Dakar will host the Youth Olympic Games in 2026. This event will be an incredible opportunity for our talents to finally shine internationally! These surfers talents are training as much as possible to get the chance to represent their Country in the Olympics. They need a decent equipment to progress, coaching and a good life surroundings to be able to combine school and surf. We are focusing to find some way to let them compete outside Senegal and get more experience. The goal is to open our doors to younger ones!